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Stolen from PrincessPuru since I am lame and couldn't do the couple meme she tagged me in |D

I choose Naegleria since Sempai noticed her people have been asking about her a lot

Classical. What's your name?

Naegleria Fowleri. /waves spastically at Jakob, since she did the interview first/

What is your goal in life?

Well, I was working towards being a scientist, cause science is fascinating...But man, Jakob is so cool! I wish I was a totally rad brain eater like her, everyone seems to really love her! Iwilltotallykillthoseasshatswhowantherdongthough. I also feel bad for Sempai though cause she also gets a lot of...weirdos...hmmm.

Do you have any family? Friends?

Haaaa family. Let's not talk about that. /kicks aside a large body bag/

Do you read? What is your particular favorite book?

Ohhh I love reading! But you know what book I am most excited about? I hope Sempai will write an autobiography! That would be so cool!

Another Classic. What's your age?


Who is your hero?

Ahhhhh Jakob! She's just so cool and tall and pretty. Man does she have a great voice! /swoon/ Yeah...Sempai is the best! I mean she totally destroys the brain too, anyone who does not love Sempai must be crazy! x3

Do you have a crush or someone special? Who?

I wouldnt say I have a crush, I mean I'm not really interested in relationships or sex. But I totally love Jakob from a platonic standpoint so I would say she is someone special to me!

Is there a movie you particularly like? Who's your favorite character?

Hmmmm, you know I cant say I am a huge fan of movies, I prefer books  honestly. ^^

What's your favorite food?

The brain is quite delicious. You should give it a try!

Anything interesting about yourself that you'd like to share?

Well, I am totally Mind fuck's biggest fan. /points to band t-shirt/ But that aside, I am pretty intelligent. /shrug/

Do you have any dark secrets? What's your darkest one?

Haaaaaaa... You sure are nosey. /kicks the body bag again, which likely contains a family member, or someone who Naegleria found unworthy/

Any regrets?

Nope. I don't have time for a concept as silly as regret.

If you had the power to do any of three things, what would they be and why?

Ohhh I wish I was tall, like Sempai. She's a wonderful height! Maybe people would take me more seriously then! Second would be that that idiot Vaxeen gets off the task force. He is super persistent and annoying. And third would be that Scarlette gives Jakob a chance and ditches that asshat Thrax. Jakob deserves to be happy JakobxScarlette is totally my OTP

Favorite color?

I like Pink and purple a lot.

What is your biggest dream?

To one day be as cool as my Sempai!

What's your worst nightmare?

Actually getting removed from this host. Which is why Vaxeen must DIE. D<

Any super awesome skills that you have?

Science. I am good at pretty much anything science. That and eating the brain, though Sempai is far better at that job, I mean the symptoms that she causes are far worse than mine ^///^;

What is your biggest fear?

/points to worst nightmare question/ I don't like the idea of starving really.

Last question, what do you value most in life?

My host. Without my host human I don't eat, and trust me, I love eating. /pats belly chub/

I tag NaiveSpaceman, Noscirm aaaand PrincessWitchBlade Cause Ima  dick |D
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling feat Lzzy Hale-Shatter me
  • Drinking: Sodaaaaaa


Andren Desmond

Names Anatomical Androgyny or in the mundane world, Andren. Some people call me Andi, but you can call me whatever you like, so long as you don't call me late for dinner. |D

I am currently on a semi-hiatus due to lack of inspiration to draw anything not related to BSB. You can see more of my art on my rp account AldanTogh. For a while I might just upload half finished works since I cannot seem to finish anything lately. Vents aside that is. So try not to expect too much from me.

I do not take requests, so please don't ask. Art trades are on a rare basis, rare since I have no inspiration to draw 99% of the time. But I also will not do a trade with you unless I consider you to be a friend. Basically if I do not know you IRL, you are not on my skype or we do not talk outside of dA comments I will most likely not do an art trade with you.


Here are some people I adore, You should check em out!

Got a question? Feel free to ask. I won't bite....hard. |D

The Fagstamp by ValotoxinI'm an... by BlackJillNeeds more gay by Daakukitsune
I support yangire by VAlZARDI support yandere by VAlZARDAlucards happy face stamp by fireheart1001

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